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Have you been dealing with pain for a month or more?

Then you have been dealing with it for too long!

My revolutionary new technique, Sequential Healing, is designed to get you out of pain in a quick and lasting manner. I created this approach because I saw the limitations of chiropractic, physical therapy and medical solutions to body pain. The results I have seen with my technique are amazing!

To put it simply, Sequential Healing is the process of awakening the body's communication to the brain and vice versa. When this is done in a proper order, the brain will self-regulate and correct postural and joint dysfunctions. The techniques used to achieve this include manual muscle therapy and manual joint manipulation.

Based on the results of your initial exam, I will tailor make a treatment plan that can best help you achieve your health goals. I don't want to keep you coming back unnecessarily. I believe that your health care story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. My philosophy is to get you out of pain, increase your range of motion, correct structural deficiencies and finally, balance and strengthen your injured muscles.

Even if you have been struggling with ongoing pain or have been in a never-ending cycle of chiropractic care, I encourage you to call my office today. The phenomenal results that I have seen with my approach give me confidence to say that I can help!

Daniel R. Woodruff, D.C.

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