Classes and Training


This class is yoga for regular schmos. This class was created by Dr. Woodruff because his arthritic conditions prevented him from attending traditional yoga classes. However, he knew that yoga could benefit him. After creating his own personal yoga regimen he wanted to share it with others like him. This class practices good positional yoga and incorporates low impact movement to loosen joints and increase flexibility.

Senior Stretching

As we age our muscles tighten and joint function begins to decline. This class helps seniors regain movement, increase balance and reduce pain. This class is tailored to each individual's ability and body type.


As we age our vestibular and proprioceptive systems become impaired. This class is designed to improve and repair the brain/body's balance. This class utilizes balance balls and discs to help develop proprioception, leading to greater agility, balance and stability.

Nutritional Consultations

These sessions are for those that want better health without prescriptions. After completing a brief health survey, patients meet with Dr. Dan and Jessica Woodruff to discuss individualized supplementation and nutrition programs that are specific to their needs, wants and conditions.