Did you know that the feet are the foundation of our back? Not only do we have an arch on the inside of our foot but we have them on the outside and the middle of our feet. Every day wear and tear can cause these arches to falter or collapse. Ankle pain, knee pain and low back pain can all be caused by the failure of these arches. With our "laser" 3D foot scanner patients can have their feet scanned in our office to check their degree of arch failure. If needed, orthotics are made custom to the patient's feet.


High cholesterol? Bone loss? Sinus problems? Body pain? We carry many supplement product lines with the primary focus on Standard Process, Dee Cee Labs and Energetix. Currently, we are one of the few healthcare clinics north of Flint that carries Energetix. We utilize these different product lines so that we can provide quality herbal supplements that benefit every patient need and budget.

Proprioceptive and Posture Equipment

This equipment includes vestibular discs, balance balls, flexbars and stretch bands. These products assist with proprioception and balance. They are utilized in proprioceptive rehabilitation and balance classes and are available for sale for home use.