Chiropractic Services


Many patients come to the clinic for an adjustment, or spinal manipulation as they are sometimes called. The purpose of a spinal manipulation is to realign the spinal joints to allow for proper motion. Adjustments performed in our office are gentle and effective. Dr. Woodruff performs manual adjustments using the Gonstead technique and the Palmer Package while utilizing a drop table. He also performs non-manual adjustments utilizing the Arthro-Stim©.

Electronic Stimulation

Electronic stimulation (E-Stim) is used for patients with acute pain. Electrical current is applied to the patient through adhesive pads that attach to the skin. This current creates a sensory or motor response in the muscles which then causes the muscles to relax. Many times heat is also applied during this treatment. Not only is it gentle and relaxing, but it aids in speeding up healing time.

Mechanical Traction

Mechanical traction at our office is done with the Spinulator table. Patients lie on their back while a roller gently moves up and down their spine. This technique puts more joint motion into the spine, freeing up spinal fixations. It is also effective for muscle pain. This is the favorite therapy of most of our patients!

Neuromuscular Modulation©

Most pain is created by the brain's accommodation to some type of short term or long term condition. When the brain makes an accommodation it never undoes it unless it is taught to undo it. The accommodation won't go away on its own. By providing vibration, percussion and stretch into the areas of accommodation, we find that patients' conditions improve dramatically. Dr. Woodruff has spent the last 3 years of his life doing thousands of hours of research and experimentation to create the Neuromuscular Modulation© technique. Many patients will notice a 50% to 75% improvement on just the first visit!

Proprioceptive Exams & Posture Analysis

At Woodruff Chiropractic we believe in objective outcomes measurements. We want you to have visual concrete evidence that you have improved. We do this by utilizing specific proprioceptive tests and computerized posture throughout your treatment plan.

Proprioceptive Rehabilitation

Patients are taught various techniques to perform at home. These techniques are specific to each patient. They are designed to reinforce good posture, correct proprioception and increase muscle memory. Performing these techniques at home limit visits to our office!


We have full radiological capabilities onsite. Dr. Woodruff only takes x-rays of those areas that are part of the complaint and only when necessary.